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  • Cleansing Crystal Kit
  • Cleansing Crystal Kit
  • Cleansing Crystal Kit
  • Cleansing Crystal Kit
  • Cleansing Crystal Kit

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Cleansing Crystal Kit

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Cleanse your spirit with the holistic benefits of our crystal kit. Set your intention and allow these crystals to attract positive vibrations into your life. 

Each piece of this kit works to cleanse your environment and the spiritual blockages hindering your ability to move forward.

Pair this with your included sage stick to safeguard against negative energy and invite positivity in. Purify your household as the smoke ascends, your intentions rise into the universe, connecting with heaven earth and humanity.

How to Cleanse -

- Gently immerse the stones in in the ocean or through fresh running water. As you do so, affirm in your mind or out loud that all negativity will be washed away.


Citrine - Promoting joy and abundance

Lapis Lazuli - Enhancing wisdom and power

Blue Sandstone/Blue Sandstone Pendulum - Deflects negative energy, encourages motivation and drive.

Fluorite - Encourages clarity and reduces anxiety

Coral Jade - Supports strength, vitality and detoxification

Red Agate - Promotes safety, grounding and vitality

Amethyst/Amethyst Cluster - Enhancing spirituality and guarding

Clear Quartz Pillars - Ability to clear the mind of negative energy and enhances higher spiritual receptiveness. Considered the master of all healing crystals due to it's ability to amplify the healing vibrations of other crystals

Sage Stick - Used to rid your environment of negative energies and promote positive vibrations.


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