• Miz Casa & Co Awaken Crystal Kit
  • Miz Casa & Co Awaken Crystal Kit
  • Miz Casa & Co Awaken Crystal Kit

Miz Casa & Co

Miz Casa & Co Awaken Crystal Kit

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Awaken your spiritual self with the Miz Casa and Co Awaken Crystal Kit. Allow this crystal kit to enhance your mind, body and spirit through each individual crystals powerful qualities. 

Be sure to cleanse your crystals before use, you can do so by running your crystals under running water, or any natural source of water. You can also leave it out under the moon or in the sun.



Amazonite - Promotes honesty and heart healing.

Red Agate and Mini - Promotes safety, grounding and vitality.

Blue Apatite - Enhances motivations and expression.

Clear Quartz - Ability to clear the mind of negative energy and enhances higher spiritual receptiveness. 

Brown Agate - Assists in comforting and protecting, its soothing energy helps people that are lonely, grieving because of a loss, go through difficult times or when they are hurt. The gentle energy of this stone is great for meditation.

Black Agate - Balancing the mind, body, and spirit as well as helping you to slow down and centre yourself.

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