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  • Relaxation Crystal Kit
  • Relaxation Crystal Kit
  • Relaxation Crystal Kit
  • Relaxation Crystal Kit

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Relaxation Crystal Kit

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Sit back and relax with our Relaxation Crystal Kit. Allow these crystals to absorb any stress, anxiety and tension you may be feeling. 

Take some time out of your day, when you feel you need to slow down and take a breath. Deepen your meditation, by implementing these stones to assist with quietening the mind and grounding yourself.

Deep breathing is an essential step within meditation. Start by breathing in through your nose on a slow count of 4, hold your breath for another count of 4, then release slowly. Focus on relaxing your shoulders as you breathe out, releasing any tension amongst your body.


Containing - 

Amethyst/Amethyst Pillar - Enhancing spirituality and guarding

Rose Quartz Pillar - Considered the ultimate healer and balancer, clears the mind of negative energy 

Citrine - Encouraging joy and abundance

Blue Tiger Eye - Soothing abilities, reduces stress and eases anxiety

Rose Quartz - Promotes self-love and unconditional love

Blue Veins Stone - Increases love, happiness and honesty

Lepidolite - Assists with transformation and letting go of unwanted energy

Green Phantom Quartz - Encourages resilience, and a sense of ambition

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