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  • Self-Love Crystal Kit
  • Self-Love Crystal Kit
  • Self-Love Crystal Kit
  • Self-Love Crystal Kit

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Self-Love Crystal Kit

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Attract self-love with this crystal and stone kit. Hold these energising crystals close to your heart. Encouraging you to heal from the inside out.

Each crystal/stone harnesses an individual purpose to promote self-love. This kit is specifically created for for those who feel unbalanced and are in need of the uplifting powers of crystal properties. 

Clear the blockage of negative and toxic energy that builds up over time, prioritise your self-care and allow the crystals to harness the energies of the sun, moon and oceans.

Pave the way for transformation, pointing you down the right path to manifest what you truly seek in life.


Containing -

Howlite - A calming stone, absorbing negative energy, signs of stress and anger.

Opal - Stimulates originality and creativity.

Petrified Wood - A stone of transformation, provides a sense of safety and security.

Agate - Rebalancing and harmonising the mind, body and spirit.

Rose Quartz - Promotes self-love and unconditional love.

Moss Agate - A stone for new beginnings and growth

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