Five Essentials to Pack on Your Next Getaway

Posted on 04 June 2018

Five Essentials to Pack on Your Next Getaway


Not just a beach staple, also practical and beautiful for using as a picnic rug, setting up a make shift seat, wrapping up little ones when it gets cold... there's so many uses you'll find. Here's an assortment of our favourite towels


Take that book you've had on your bedside table but keep forgetting to read or the magazines you've been collecting but haven't had a proper chance to sit down with. Just make sure its not something on screen, give your eyes a rest from that artificial glow.


We've all been guilty of packing everything including the kitchen sink for a short getaway only to lug around a bag full of items and never take them out of the bag. Solution- a bag that’s big enough for everything you'll need for a weekend away but not too big. Luckily we've got the perfect weekend sized bag in our Piper Neoprene Overnight Bag 


Not your IPhone but a real camera. There's nothing like really remembering a special trip away with your own personal holiday snaps. And make sure you get them printed and fill up your photo frames and albums with all your beautiful memories.


There's nothing worse than packing all the wrong things for a getaway! Check the weather report before packing and as a rule of thumb always pack options! We love light layers in natural fabrics and similar colours that will work for everything and easily go together. Our beautiful cotton Turkish towels will always double as a wrap or shawl should you need it.

And lastly... keep it simple, you can't go wrong with this mindset!

Happy weekend away lovelies x

Photos by Alannah Morton


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