Product Care

Towels Care Instructions

Before using your beautiful new Miz Casa and Co Turkish towels we recommend washing before use.

Machine wash your towel on a gentle or regular wash cycle using cold or warm water with laundry detergent.  Please use a low spin setting when washing, or a delicates bag to avoid the tassels unraveling.

To maintain your towels absorbency and to soften the fabric, run the towels through a regular wash then redo them using 1 cup of vinegar in place of detergent every few weeks.

Please do not use fabric softener as this affects the towels absorbency. 

Air dry your towels and do not tumble dry. 


Neoprene Bags Care Instructions

Our neoprene bags are machine washable on a cold cycle with detergent.

Air dry and do not tumble dry.

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