Introducing Apparel by Miz Casa & Co

Posted on 12 April 2019

Introducing our latest collection Miz Casa & Co Apparel. Our intentions were to bring you a collection of simple, easy to wear and stylish pieces that would become your everyday staples. Pieces you could feel comfortable, confident and feminine in while wearing. 

We've focused on natural fibres where possibly for maximum comfort in a mix of soft cottons and linens for that lived in feel. Our colour palette has a focus of staple tones in black, navy, white and beige with some colour added in for fun, in blush, rust, emerald and a polka dot print.

Make them your own by styling with a mix of accessories that make your heart sing. We personally love them with out basket bags, layered necklaces and bracelets and a simple sandal. But the options are really endless and in the end its up to you. Perfect for smart casual occasions but can be dressed up when needed, just add a fancy shoe and sparkling earring. 

We are so excited to bring you this range and we hope you enjoy!


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