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Posted on 05 June 2020


Miz Casa & Co is excited to launch our new WELLNESS category, with our Face Roller and Qua Sha set. These tools work hand in hand by gently massaging the neck, face and pressure points assisting in reliving tension, sculpting and circulating blood flow. This dates back to ancient Chinese culture, a beauty tool to massage the face in a particular motion. Think of this as spa like experience in the comfort of your own home. With 18k rose gold plated hardware, these new products are sure to be a favourite for your skin care routine.


Gua Sha: 

The Gua Sha is a slower process than using a facial roller, more of a targeted tool and should be used with care and time to treat yourself. Best used with a facial oil to help glide smoothly without tugging on the delicate skin on the face and neck.

- Promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness in the face and neck

- Clears toxins from the body

- Used for facial sculpting

- Deeper facial massage compared to facial roller

- Created to lift and sculpt the face with its unique design with divot

- Also used to relive tension in shoulders and back muscles 

- Does a lot more than the roller; sculpting, muscle tension and relaxing

- More complicated than the roller as it require more technique and focus

Facial Roller: 

The face roller is naturally cool to touch but can be popped in the fridge or freezer for a more cooler effect and help with inflammation and de-puffing

Double edged facial roller, larger side for larger areas and the smaller side great for under the eye

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness in the face and neck
  • Clears toxins from the body
  • Increased circulation and generate blood flow as a result radiant glow
  • Less technique involved than a Gua Sha

Double ended facial roller?

Using the larger side of the roller, gently massage your neck, cheeks and jawline with outward and upward strokes. The smaller side then can be used to target the eye and temple area.


Designed and used for many centuries to stimulate the lymphatic system. May help to increase blood circulation and encourage collagen production which could reduce puffiness, wrinkles and redness for improved skin tone, elasticity and radiance.

Feeling tense?

Using the Gua Sha can assist in muscle toning, firming of the skin and relieving facial tension as you glide it in upward motion along the neck, jawline, cheeks and forehead.

When to use?

  • Morning and night, or when needed. Listen to your body, it knows best.
  • Any extra time you have to treat yourself
  • Waking up with puffy eyes? Use the small side of the face roller to gently de-puff
  • Stressful day or when you can’t stop laughing your face hurts? Gua Sha time!

Skincare must have!

With a clean fresh face, use the roller to massage your serum, oil or cream not only with this help gliding the tool in upward and outwards motion it will help promote lymphatic drainage releasing extra fluid/ toxins and your skin absorb your product enhancing a fresh glow. Using both Gua Sha and Facial Roller you can customise your own at home spa treatment for glowing youthful skin.

Before Using the Tool:

# 1: Clean face 

# 2: Hydrating mist to prep skin (optional)

# 3: Apply a face oil, any facial oil you have will work; aids in gliding the tool along the face for a gentle effect approach

Start with the neck and work upwards to the jaw cheeks under eye forehead and nose


How to use the facial roller:

Start with the clavicle and neck to create an opening for the lymphatic drainage to go through

Step 1: Roll along the clavicle bones

Step 2: Roll down the neck

Step 3: Roll up your chin along your jaw, then bring it back down the neck

Step 4: Lips; Role out from the centre then up the corners (optional)

Step 5: Roll up the cheeks to help lift and accentuate the cheek bones

Step 6: Using the small side under the eye and gently roll out ( the skin is much more delicate under the eye)

Step 7: Forehead; start in the centre,  roll up and out 

Step 8: Eyebrows; Roll outwards

Step 9: Roll down the nose (using either side)

Tip: (optional) keep refrigerated or in the freezer. Great for tension headaches and helps you wake up in the morning.


How to use the Gua Sha:

Start with the back of your neck to relieve jaw and facial tension

Step 1: divot pointed downward on spine, keep flat and move in an upward motion - every time you reach the end point. Stop to wiggle and massage the point. Repeating 3-5 times each

Step 2: top aiding oil to help - side of neck: use flat edge, start at shoulders and move up the neck

Step 3: from the collar bone; drag flat side up the neck. Stop at jaw bone and wiggle it

Step 4: divot side keeping the tool flat drag up the front of neck from the point in between your collar bones to top of jaw

Step 5: similar to the facial roller; using flat edge, drag up jawline from chin to ear and wriggle

Step 6: cheekbones: start at corner of mouth and move up to temple using flat side

Step 7: under eye; with divot facing upward place under the eye and move outward gently using curved side on cheekbone

Step 8: top of eye; start at under brow and move up forehead to hair line using flat side also using divot across the brow

Step 9: centre of forehead; move straight up and stop at hairline and wiggle

Common misconception; don’t use the edge of the Gua Sha, always keep it flat

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