• Miz Casa & Co Ice Facial Roller Blue
  • Miz Casa & Co Ice Facial Roller Blue
  • Miz Casa & Co Ice Facial Roller Blue
  • Miz Casa & Co Ice Facial Roller Blue
  • Miz Casa & Co Ice Facial Roller Blue

Miz Casa and Co

Miz Casa & Co Ice Facial Roller Blue

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The Miz Casa & Co Ice Globe Facial Roller provides a cooling and calming facial massage to stimulate the lymphatic flow, reduce puffiness and redness, brighten under eyes and minimise the appearance of large pores.

- Measurements:

- Glass

- Polymer gel liquid filled 

- Blue fill 


The interior component of the ice globe is polymer gel liquid. Please store ice globes in a cool dry place and place in refrigerator prior to using. Prevent UV exposure and higher temperature storage.

Be careful! Please do not hit it. It is made of glass and fragile. Keep away from children. If broken should not be ingested.


- Reduces inflammation and redness

- Reduces under-eye darkness and puffiness

- Increases blood circulation

- Helps shrink pores

- Plumps and tightens skin, reducing fine lines

- Promotes lymphatic drainage

HOW TO USE: Your step by step guide

Step 1: Store the Ice Roller in refrigerator prior to use.

Step 2: Once cool, glide from ear to chin. Start at the jawbone and roll the ice globe slowly to the chin, then roll back to your ears. Perform this step over the entire cheek up to the eye area.

Step 3: Gently press the ice globe on the eye and press slightly against the inner nose.

Step 4: Hold the ice globe to your temples for five seconds.

Step 5: Massage from the middle of the forehead to the eyebrow to the ear. Repeat until you arrive at the hairline.

Step 6: Massage the ice globe up and down from the eyebrow up to the hair line over the entire forehead.

Step 7: Now repeat steps 1-5 on the other side of the face.

Step 8: You can massage from the ears down to the shoulders and from the chin to neck to chest.

Step 9: When finished, sanitise the ice roller ready for your next use.

To maximise results, apply a serum first and the roller will help your skin better absorb the product

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